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d on March 11, that in order to complement its winter tourist resources, Huairou is actively preparing for building a "Big Cheerful World" theme

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pa▓rk which features the landscapes of the waterside towns ▓in southern China. Jiao Anqi, the director-general of the ▓Tourist Bureau of Huairou

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District, said that Huairou ▓District's characteristic brand of rural tourism has become even more outstanding in 2009, and now if you come to


tour Huairou, you will have more choices than the ▓two old traditions of eating rainbow trout and w▓alking around the two valleys. If you want to

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experi▓ence some international culture, you can sta▓y at the "International Posthouse" of the Mutianyu Smal▓l Garden Restaurant. If you are inte

ain rest

rested in the Mother Nature, you can come to the "landscape families" at the Babaotang Village of Liuli Temple Town. If y▓ou just want to relax

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and have leisure time, you must come to the "Goose and Duck Rural Villa.▓" If you want to experience the Man

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a meal without it. Report▓ers learned from the Tourist Industry Development Conference of Huairou District, he▓l
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